Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I'm watching tv and I just heard this...
"If its on paper, then its the truth"
Is that really true? If u think about it, I think that statement is true. If someone can write something down on paper, either hand write or type it up and give it to someone,then I think most of it is the truth. When people write things, most of them are in this state of mind where their main focus is on whatever it is they are writing about. Like for instance right now, how I'm typing this. My focus is on this right now. I'm trying to express myself and my thoughts on what I just heard. Everything I'm saying is true. So therefore, I believe that "if its on paper, its true" or partially sometimes. Idk why I decided to write about this and maybe I don't even make sense but I just had to let that out.
What do you think? Do u think if its on paper, then its the truth?

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