Friday, August 13, 2010

just a thought..

its weird to think that life is simply but a breath. our time can come any second of anyday. everyone is dying every second, every minute. we are all getting closer to our time. its kinda scary if you really think about it. i find myself sitting there just amazed that life wont last forever. sure, we will go up to heaven but who will we be, what will we be? will we be afraid?happy?sad?peaceful? no one knows and thats what makes dying so scary because its a mystery and no one will ever know until the day it happens. we take things for granted. we complain and stress over the littlest things. we never take the time to sit back and enjoy the life we were blessed with. you hear about people trying to end their life and its so sad. no matter how hard life gets, we were blessed with a new day. why take that away?i just dont understand. we never take the time to thank our loved ones for being there for us. we never give enough hugs or kisses. we hardly express the way we feel about another person, who is also living at this very moment.i've always wanted to have children. sure im only 20 years old, and to some thats far too young to even be thinking about kids but to me, it brings a smile to my face imagining it. i want a big family. ive always wanted a big family. but lately ive been reconsidering. seeing what this world is coming to, makes me scared. why would i want someone to live for? this world is coming to an end whether people want to admit it or not. its only going to get worse year after year.i dont know why i keep thinking about this. i guess i just feel like i havent told the people i love that i love them. everyday i fear i wont ever see them again. maybe i sound a lil freaky right now, but i think its important for people to really think about this. maybe then we will be content with the thought of death. i just hope we all get there, and our souls can live in eternity together:)

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