Monday, August 30, 2010

I hate how this happens. I'm doing good in my life, and its like they know or something. They come waltzing back into your life and make you second guess everything. Am I doing the right thing? Did I do the right thing? I was happy, so happy with him. Why give things up? Why is it so hard for people to trust or tell the truth? Why do people leave the ones they like for the ones they love? My brain hurts. I'm thinking too much about this. Its been over a week now.. I almost wish it never happened. Where would I be? What would I be? Who would I be?I have so much to work out and straighten up. I miss a lot of things:/ but sometimes u have to learn to let them all go. I'm craving that attention again. That feeling of being truly loved as well as adored.will I ever have that again? Will I ever be with someone who treated me as good as him?:/ depressing thought. I'm not gonna lie..

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