Thursday, August 26, 2010

I hate how hard it is to open up a lil pack of medicine. When the pills are wrapped in those plastic things with the paper on the back. It tells u to fold along a crease then pull, and when u do that the paper either rips a wrong way or it doesn't end up working. Your forced to pry the pills outta this thing. I don't even know what to call it so that's why I keep saying "thing". Uhh I'm very irritable today. I have a horrible headache. My body is freezing yet my head is extremely warm, not to mention its like over 100 degrees outside already! At least its cold in my room:) so I was supposed to go to my earth science class today but since I feel really sick, guess looking at rocks and diamonds will just have to wait till next weekend! I woke up this morning excited to see my niece and nephew. But when I got to my sisters they both were sleeping. Ben was asleep in his crib with his lil hand in his pants and andrea looked so peaceful except for the tissue sticking outta her nose:/ my poor lil princess had a bloody nose at like 5 in the morning. She gets scared and thinks that she has to continue to sleep with tissue even tho the bleeding has stopped. She's so cute:) so there I was, headache and all, forcing myself to eat a bowl of cereal which actually turned out to be delicious. I tried signing onto my skype account so I could see his face today, then finally after several different attempts I remembered my login information. He wasn't online tho:/ lameee. Then I decided to check out the price of my math book I have to buy to see how much it is. 149! You've gotta be kidding me! You know how many pairs of shoes I can buy with that money! Ughhh I can't believe it! Then just when I thought things couldn't get anymore worse for me, my sister comes out and tells me I can go home. She gave me the day off, but I still had to wake up from my beauty sleep earlier, go to her house, and then have her finally tell me I can leave! Uhhh!:/ I'm so tired. I hate feeling like poo!I also hate bitching but since I have a great enough reason, shoot why not! Now I'm here laying in bed all alone. Coughing up my lungs, wiping the nasty boogers from my nose and feeling like I'm on a bad roller coaster ride where I keep bumping my head against the rail. All I'm feeling up there is booom boooom boooom!:( no ones home and I feel so alone. Then aain I am. Haha I hate being sick. I'm hungry but then I'm not. I'm just a really confused individual right now. I took some drowsy medicine. Probably shouldn't have but it was the only way that I could put myself outta misery! They say the best cure for sickness is sleep! Efff those fluids the docs always drill you about! I probably should drink some more tho, I am feeling mighty thristy! I'm hoping to take a longgg nap, wake up eat, and then nap again! Thank god I don't have school tomorrow or work! If I'm sick tomorrow then no big deal. Sucks that I'll be wasting a perfectly good friday, but ohh well! I could really use the break and excuse to lay down in bed all day.its nice being waited on and take care of when I'm sick, that's why right now sucks bc no ones here to answer any of my requests:/lame!anyway I've babbled enough. Time to watch some tv and hopefully get really sleepy.ohh my dear lifetime, what would I do without you:)

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