Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I used to fall asleep, whether it was right infront of him or while we were on the phone, wherever it was he sat there and talked to me. He'd have conversations with me while he let me sleep. I remember there were a few times where I wanted to hear what kinds of things he would say to me so I would pretend to be sleeping. I'd stay very quiet, but ended up really falling asleep haha this whole thing started way back in junior year of h.s. That summer ronnie called me every night at the same time; 9 pm. I was a grandma who had to get up for work so by that time I was exhausted! I'd usually talk for about a half hour and then crash.
Eventually I'd wake up to the phone on my ear but no one there. Next day would come and he'd make fun of me for snoring on the phone the previous night! Whatta brat! He snores loud too:) haha anyway finally one night I wasn't that tired so I stayed awake through his entire convo with my "sleeping" self. The things he said to me made me fall for him even more! He was so amazing. Just recently, this past august, him and I went for a drive. It got really late and I was super tired but we both didn't wanna go home bc going home meant we would no longer be next to each other. He begged me to stay as long as I could with him. He told me that he wouldn't care if I fell asleep, all he wanted was to be able to drive all night and know that I'm sleeping peacefully next to him, safe and sound. I told him I would. I ended up falling asleep for about 25 mins he said. He had a pretty deep convo with me apparently. When I first started to doze, the only thing I could manage hearing was I love you vanessa. As you start to drift to sleep just know I think you are the most beautiful girl. And then from there, I was out! When I woke up he took me home. We had shared the perfect ending to the perfect night. I really miss him talking to me while I sleep:(

I love him.

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