Monday, November 15, 2010

i miss him...i am hurting so much right now. there are so many things i want to share and so many pictures i want people to see but it seems like whenever i post something everyone takes it..i just wanna keep these photos of him for myself..i don't wanna sound greedy but its true. these are all i have. they wouldn't be special if everyone had them too. same goes for my videos..i have many adorable ones of him but i don't wanna share haha i just wish people would look at them and not take them.. omgoshhh i am going crazy! i cant do this anymore. i just wanna hit something until it hurts just as much as i am. he will never know how much i miss him. i truly dont want my life to move forward. i just want to be wherever he is. so he can kiss me and make me feel safe like he used to:/ i love him so much. love is seriously an understatement. if he were here, he'd know exactly what i mean. him and i used to get in these moods where we missed each other so much that when we would say "i miss you so much" it wasnt fulfilling enough. we felt that longing for each other even more then before we said it hahah sounds confusing but at least i know he understands what im trying to say. same goes for "i love you". we felt so much more then that so that phrase never felt good enough.

i hope he visits me in my dreams tonight:( he hasnt in a while...

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