Thursday, November 18, 2010

does anyone else find it weird that god planned out our lives even before we were planted as a seed in our mothers womb?

I just had a thought. I find it amazingly unbelievable that God created us even before our own parents did. Now, I can't speak much about the bible because I honestly don't know that much about it. Growing up I was raised to believe there was a God and he was the creator of all things, so therefore that's all I ever really knew. I went to church when I was little. Every sunday morning there I was, little vanessa eating her oatmeal and watching cartoons. Everytime my mom or dad came into my room, all u ever heard me do was complain. I hated going to church only because I hated being forced to go. That's exactly how it was. As a little kid, who wants to spend their morning in the house of God when there's cartoons to be watched? However, now that I'm older I enjoy going. Its something that I began looking forward to. But now, after everything that's happened, I'm right back to where I was years before and asking myself "what's the point?".

So now here I am, 20 years old, about to be 21 soon, and this strange thought came into my mind..."How can God already have our lives planned out?". It amazes me everytime I sit here and think about it.

Did he tell himself, "okay, there's going to be another human I'm going to create. She is going to be born on this day. Have this hair color, these eyes, these lips, this nose, and these ears. Her eyebrows will be shaped like this and her skin tone will be this color. She will be this tall and weigh this much. Her foot size will stop growing at 7 inches. She will laugh and talk this way. She will have this personality and have this much brains.she will succeed at this and this, and find herself at a stand-still when this event occurs in her life. She will be born into a huge family and have 1 brother and 2 sisters. Her father is gonna leave her life when she is 7 years old. She will have this fear and that fear. She will want to become a high school teacher and she'll be the one to help people be successful in life. She will hate this food and that food but love this food and that food. She will hate to run, yet love to hike. She will not be a tomboy but a girly girl. She will want this many kids. And grow up in a city called rancho cucamonga the first half of her life. She will be a student at carnelian elementary school where she will meet this friend and that friend and meet her best friend in kindergarten. She will then proceed to alta loma junior high and meet this friend and that friend, maybe lose this friend along the way. She will then become a student at alta loma high school and graduate with the same people she has known since the first day she was taught how to properly write. She will meet the love of her life when she is 16 years old, but she won't know he is the love of her life until she turns 18. She will then begin dating him and he will be the one to steal her heart. He will be the one to make her shed tears which will then cleanse her soul and make her strong. He will be the one she wants to marry and plan a life with. He will then be taken off this earth on october 23, 2010, a month before he is supposed to come home and ask her to marry him. She will then be so broken, that not even I(God) will be able to comfort her. She will then lose all faith and hope in life. Then after all is said and done, I will then put her faith and soul to the test... See if she can overcome the attempts that the devil will try to take to break her down. And last but not least, this new creature of mine will be named, vanessa."

Does God really have my life planned out like this? That's all I'm wanting to know.

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