Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm so sick! I hateeeee being sick! I can't do anything bc I never have any strength. It takes everything out of me to just switch head positions on my stupid pillow or get up to drink my glass of water! I really thought I was going to pass the sickness for once. It seemed like everyone else was getting sick except for me but noooo I was wrong. It sucks too bc when I'm sick I stay sick for a really long time:/ I hope I get better soon bc I start school again next week:( I wish he were here. I miss him telling me to toughen up whenever I was sick. He never wanted to admit that he was "sick" his method was denial, denial, denial! Lol he was so cute. I remember the last time he was really sick. It was this past september. I kept telling him to eat fruit and drink lots of water and OJ. He would always say "but I'm not sick babe. I'll eat the fruit though!" Lol I miss his adorable laugh. I could say something incredibly stupid and he would think it was the cutest thing. I miss when him and I would Skype:( sometimes he would just stare and wouldn't say anything. Then I'd wave to him and he would snap outta it lol I would ask him what he was staring at and his response was always "you're beautiful babe" :( haha it never answered my question!lol and I would tell him that and laugh at him and he would say "be quiet brat!" Lol I can still hear his voice:) that makes me very happy. We would Skype for hoursssss! He never wanted to sign off. I didn't either but I would force him to go bc I wanted to make sure he had enough sleep and was well rested for the next day. I miss it so much:( I miss those little things that we both would do or say. He knew me so well. When he would be standing infront of me, I sometimes wouldn't even have to say anything bc he already knew what I was thinking. I love him so much. I can't wait to see him again.

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