Saturday, February 26, 2011

words cant express how blessed i am to share a friendship with her.

"God made us best friends because our families couldn't handle us being sisters" :)

She is the only person I can truly trust and I feel that she would choose me over anyone. I love her and she is more then just my best friend. She picks me up when I'm down and she keeps me together. Its like she knows me so well bc I will literally be crying my eyes out and all of a sudden my phone rings and its her calling to tell me to be ready so we can go out for frozen yogurt! My favvvv:) I honestly don't know what I would do without are talking about 16 years of friendship! That hardly happens now a days. We have been through soo many conniving friends and yet we have never drifted or allowed anyone to come in between. Erica is more then my best friend. She is my sister:)

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