Monday, January 9, 2012


oh how ive missed blogging. i love to write so blogging is so much fun for me. it allows me to clear my mind and express my feelings. and let me just say its been wayy too long and if i dont write i just might explode:)

isnt life just crazy? it has twists and turns that lie ahead of you yet you cant see them until youre actually hitting every corner. some days are amazing yet other days absolutely suck. alot has been changing before my very eyes but i know that it wont be very long until it all starts making sense. the other day i discovered that i am a girl of dreams and goals. i have a big imagination that i use to help drive me and motivate me to become a better person. i really really want to teach simply because i enjoy helping others. i feel that in a sense my purpose on earth is to help people who need and want my help. children are my weakness. i can look down at a smiling face and just melt inside. if i see a parent treating their child badly it infuriates me. children are so innocent and i want to be a positive role model to those who simply do not have one. so thats my main goal, my drive in life is to help people:) i will shoot for the stars if i have to. ill do whatever it takes to be a positive person in another persons life. isnt that a comforting feeling to know that someday our future generations will be educated by someone whose passion is to see them succeed?? i remember one time i got asked what it is i want to do in life. my response was, teach. the person who asked me stopped at that one question and after hearing my response, responded back with, thank you. it made me smile. they told me that they appreciate people like me who will one day be a positive influence in their childs life someday. it was probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me regarding my choice of career. the fact that something so small could make me so happy just sums up my life. im a person who unfortunately needs feedback or some sort of positive criticism.i dont need to be praised all the time but to be acknowledged for the good you do in anothers life, is always a nice feeling too.

so here i stand now, thinking of my next move in life. schools over, thank the lord. so for awhile i have decided to put my time and energy into something just as productive. i decided to start working full time. for the past three years since ive graduated from high school i have been going to school back to back each semester and let me just say i am very lucky to have been able to do that. most people wish they could have been given the chance to go straight to school and finish so early but unfortunately due to many reasons cant do that. i guess i really didnt have an excuse not to so thats why i did it. im proud of myself for staying so in tuned with that whole routine. there were days where i dreaded going but for the most part i pulled through them. i definitely have stories to share regarding my school life while attending chaffey. nights i stayed up all night writing papers and studying and then falling asleep for an hour and waking up just to do it all over again. ive been through alot, then again who hasnt? but who would have known that after taking late night bus rides home or walking home in the dark or getting up early every morning would honestly pay off. so now that its over, what now? i need to make more goals. if i dont have a goal to reach then whats the point in waking up every morning? so as of right now, my next step will be what it is i want to do with my time. im currently working two jobs right now which i love by the way. i enjoy getting up everyday and heading to the office. i like putting my time towards something that will not only benefit me but my family as well. id like to think that we all are still standing simply because of the help we put together as a unit. hopefully by next month i will finally have my car. the same car i was supposed to get a while back but couldnt simply because the money i had saved either could have continued to stay in the bank or keep the roof over my families head. i chose the roof. i dont have any regrets. if anything im blessed that my family still has a place to call home. getting my car will mean just that much more to me when im finally driving off the lot. my time will come and when its meant to be, ill get what it is ive been wanting for so long:)

im not always so optimistic, if anything i tend to be pessimistic. i dont understand why though. someone of so many dreams and goals should always be optimistic right? in my case thats not so. i guess i allow important things in my life to really affect me. if theres something i cant achieve i always break myself down because of it. i have alot of confidence in my abilities but sometimes i simply can not help but doubt myself. all i can do is pray. prayer has been the answer to many of my problems lately. the moment i feel that feeling of doubt or insecurity, i pray and i kid you not, it all goes away. the other day was the first day i ever went to church alone. ill admit, i was nervous. i guess having my family with me always comforted me. but walking in there alone the other day i knew it was something i had to do. lately my life has not been making sense to me. ive been questioning how some things that appear so perfect end up turning out to not be. so there i went with all my worries, fears and sadness and entered the church. immediately i felt this rush of emotions that i couldnt bare to hold deep inside anymore. so there i had it, i let it all go the moment i began to sing the first song during worship. if there was ever a moment in my life where crying felt the best i believe it was at that moment. if you cant cry infront of the lord, then who else could u possibly cry to? going alone was probably the best thing i could have done on saturday. all day at work i was feeling so empty and just broken up inside. the late nights of hanging out with my girlfriends and going out for drinks and a time to get my mind off my problems just wasnt cutting it anymore. i needed prayer. i needed god. he says come to him, so i went. after work that day i told myself either i go another night of round 2 or go to church and ask for help. i asked for help. he says ask and you will receive. ive received:) i know that my days that lie ahead are gonna be hard and difficult to understand but as long as i have god by my side i will be just fine.

man, i already feel good just by writing this. its amazing how expressing yourself even if no one is listening, could make u feel so much better. todays my day off and im blessed to be alive today. nothing can make me weak only stronger. what doesnt kill me will only keep me alive for another day! so go out today my friends and have a wonderful day! give thanks to the man up above for blessing you with another day of sunshine.

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