Wednesday, January 25, 2012

just a thought..

so i was reading through my email so i can delete all of my old junk mail and came across old emails from ronnie. isnt it crazy how one daay youre so sure about something then the next instant its all taken from you and u have no idea what to do. you find yourself standing still not sure whether or not to take two steps forward or two steps back. its so crazy how someones heart can belong to another person and u have no doubt or fear that its going to end up in someone elses lap. as i look back i was so sure at what i wanted and who i wanted. now, a year and months later my heart belongs to someone else. how does it come and go so quickly. are some people just easy lovers and have love for everyone? i find it crazy how i can easily fall in love with people. i loved ron and its so weird to read messages i wrote him and he wrote to me where we are calling each other babe and now i have no idea about that life anymore. i have a new babe. it amazes me when i think about it. all i know is ronnie always wanted me to be happy. as long as he could see me smile, his mission of the day was complete. i had a dream about him last night. it wasnt anything too exciting but at least it wasnt bad. all that matters is he visited me, i got to see his face again and it felt so real. only matter of time now until i see him again and our spirits can actually hug again. until then i will continue to love again. love is the greatest feeling and i know he wouldnt want me to give up on it.

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